Real Men Build It Themselves

Arguably politically Donald Trump is not someone I necessarily agree with but he works hard and builds hotels and runs a massive business. Steadman Graham, long time fiancée to Oprah, had and maintains a thriving business on his own.

There is a phenom with pretty boys though, aging lotharios so used to being chased by women who they use to enhance their stature wealth etc. One fellow used his association with a woman to get a tribute built to his late wife. The men have no purpose and bring nothing to the table BUT a lot of show — short-term charitable activities, a speech here and there.

The honorable thing would be to say goodbye to thesevwomen and to put energy into being a man.

Get a job, lead the project, put muscle into seeing it through, stop looking for the hook-up – it is never too late – but for these aging pretty boys it may never come to fruition.

The New and the Old

Recently I attended a DC event where the elite meet. Usually this host has A listers but it was Project Runway night and raining as well so few were in attendance, mostly it was political reporters, many of whom, did not get the memo- they still believe in their relevancy. Gathering in small circles like clucking hens -,one even bragged with snotty arrogance she didn’t know Ed Sullivan and could care less about the International Trade building- but then her publisher once deemed soon to be outed school score cheat on its cover. Still many were youngish but so amazingly out of touch with the real world. Newspapers with old heads who declare no news is local, prima Donna columnists with a let them eat cake mentality wonder why their revenue dollars are shrinking .. Not one of the elite young journalists I spoke to had seen a recent Buzzfeed on Putin including the aforementioned reporter who didn’t know Sullivan was a foreign policy reporter – for a major magazine? Grabbling to get back on top.. Suggestion .. Go back to the well.. Snobbery does not make good journalism.

Breaking out the self-centered fog

It is tough breaking out of the cycle of selfishness – but for those of us another its hold for decades freedom. The anxiety, the effort, the change that must happen – sometimes a gut renovation. The enemy will be busy as well called well meaning people who sabatoge and openly try to destroy one’s dreams and ambitions..don’t let them. Pray and keep moving forward.

High School

They had graduated from high school more than 40 years ago.  Still they did not really graduate “mentally, emotionally or physically.”  They were the rock stars and now in their late 50s,  60s and 70s their best days are behind them.  Still trying to mac down or be the player.  Their adolescent mentality has driven them to despair.  For some, are on a mission, they really still believe their own press releases.  I’ve gotten got up with their swirl before but now as I struggle to get out from under.   I was a nerd but now I know better.

Putting Someone in Their Place – Without Words

Sometimes it is not your imagination people want to do you in.  You take their advice and then they try to rope you in further to needing them.   What was a small problem with one individual suddenly looms large.  The best thing is to remove that person’s influence of you even for a moment.   Who knows why they are putting you down? Who cares? Be at peace

At Long Last

It stopped me in my tracks.  For two weeks we’ve been ducking and dodging around the issue.  Honesty was  not even in the picture.  Then it came another note, another disappointment.    This time  I was not even angry.   Though it was a business matter it was not the first time.  Business or not the root reason was the same.     I have found that when a person doesn’t like you on any level there is never anything you can do to make them.  At best they will use you for their gain or sustenance.  At worse they will disregard you, denounce you publicly and hurt you in small deliberate ways.  

So here we were years later. Nothing has changed.   It’s draining, it’s hurtful but at long last there is no reaction on my part.

It is time to let go and move on to new challenges. Soon pain and fear will be distant memories.