House Speaker John Boehner recently found himself in hot water for not responding to   New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s calls but as this is not a political column  I digress.  Sometimes  people don’t quite do what we want.  Then again they  at least owe us some type of response for  the sake of common courtesy.     Boehner owed Christie a call – much more than  that .  Today I asked a colleague to respond to a simple question involving a business venture.  He chose not to respond – unfortunately that’s  not the first time.  For him it seems  it’s about power more than accomplishment.    Knowing this and reflecting on what was at stake for me versus the millions impacted by Superstorm Sandy I gave the siutation  perspective.  My colleague  merely displayed disrespectful behavior . I joked he gave me a “Boehner.” and he really just  deserves to  be ignored in turn.  My project will get done without his  help now.  Hopefully, prayerfully because of Christie’s courageous and masterful attack on Boehner , New Jersey and New York residents impacted by  the superstorm will get financial relief.  Perspective.

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