Real Men Build It Themselves

Arguably politically Donald Trump is not someone I necessarily agree with but he works hard and builds hotels and runs a massive business. Steadman Graham, long time fiancée to Oprah, had and maintains a thriving business on his own.

There is a phenom with pretty boys though, aging lotharios so used to being chased by women who they use to enhance their stature wealth etc. One fellow used his association with a woman to get a tribute built to his late wife. The men have no purpose and bring nothing to the table BUT a lot of show — short-term charitable activities, a speech here and there.

The honorable thing would be to say goodbye to thesevwomen and to put energy into being a man.

Get a job, lead the project, put muscle into seeing it through, stop looking for the hook-up – it is never too late – but for these aging pretty boys it may never come to fruition.


Beware Empty Vessels

I recently went through a house remodel.  I find that even with a new kitchen I am also purging other things out of my life.  Like many women I like pretty things, jewelry, pretty men.  As I’ve grown older I’ve found my taste as changed and I like smart men .  Mostly recently a former whatever as resurfaced to try to steal some of my current joy. A pretty but aging vessel with no soul or willingness to connect to the real world on a real level.  Why I asked him repeatedly?  Why the cruel treatment?  You see I let him in,  and now as through this blog I am purging him once more.  It’s not that he’s so bad, I’ve just been sick and pretty angry  that I let myself fall victim to his sheninagans.  Angry becuase he could have been a better person.  Still I remain hopeful, not that he will change and be better.  Frankly I know once I regain full physical health he will again be a memory and glad because the geniune article full of promise and love is within reach.


During my time at my mom’s house, my play aunt Gloria came to call Aunt Gloria and her daughter Kim have always been a source of inspiration for me and for my family. They look just alike, both are energetic and successful. Aunt Gloria as an educator, sorority maven and member of the National Council of Negro Women and Kim as a corporate executive, mom and now consultant. Seems during her Bermuda childhood Aunt Gloria played with Elizabeth soon to be future Queen of England. She and HER mother also had two private audiences with the Queen. Everyday I think of the marvelous women friends and lady friends I’ve helped or who have helped me along the way and feel truly blessed. Of course as many of you know CCL is also royalty as are Jean Claude and Koko ..and the late great Roxie the other queen.