At Long Last

It stopped me in my tracks.  For two weeks we’ve been ducking and dodging around the issue.  Honesty was  not even in the picture.  Then it came another note, another disappointment.    This time  I was not even angry.   Though it was a business matter it was not the first time.  Business or not the root reason was the same.     I have found that when a person doesn’t like you on any level there is never anything you can do to make them.  At best they will use you for their gain or sustenance.  At worse they will disregard you, denounce you publicly and hurt you in small deliberate ways.  

So here we were years later. Nothing has changed.   It’s draining, it’s hurtful but at long last there is no reaction on my part.

It is time to let go and move on to new challenges. Soon pain and fear will be distant memories.