The Age Of

I have known for some time that I need to take a new course in my life. As a middle-aged woman I have been told by some my options are not as many. I don’t believe it. Neither should you. Age is but a number. Great things remain to be accomplished in all of our lives if we let them come to us. Each opportunity is what it is.


Today I had a lesson in just want it takes to offer excellence in the world – not all anger is unjustified but we must use it in a way that benefits us.


Beware Empty Vessels

I recently went through a house remodel.  I find that even with a new kitchen I am also purging other things out of my life.  Like many women I like pretty things, jewelry, pretty men.  As I’ve grown older I’ve found my taste as changed and I like smart men .  Mostly recently a former whatever as resurfaced to try to steal some of my current joy. A pretty but aging vessel with no soul or willingness to connect to the real world on a real level.  Why I asked him repeatedly?  Why the cruel treatment?  You see I let him in,  and now as through this blog I am purging him once more.  It’s not that he’s so bad, I’ve just been sick and pretty angry  that I let myself fall victim to his sheninagans.  Angry becuase he could have been a better person.  Still I remain hopeful, not that he will change and be better.  Frankly I know once I regain full physical health he will again be a memory and glad because the geniune article full of promise and love is within reach.


During my time at my mom’s house, my play aunt Gloria came to call Aunt Gloria and her daughter Kim have always been a source of inspiration for me and for my family. They look just alike, both are energetic and successful. Aunt Gloria as an educator, sorority maven and member of the National Council of Negro Women and Kim as a corporate executive, mom and now consultant. Seems during her Bermuda childhood Aunt Gloria played with Elizabeth soon to be future Queen of England. She and HER mother also had two private audiences with the Queen. Everyday I think of the marvelous women friends and lady friends I’ve helped or who have helped me along the way and feel truly blessed. Of course as many of you know CCL is also royalty as are Jean Claude and Koko ..and the late great Roxie the other queen.


I watched with pride has millions of African-Americans exercised their right to vote across the U.S.  Some bringing lawn chairs and bag lunches for the long wait.  So much for stereotypes about black folks won’t wait, can’t wait don’t stick together.  Tuesday night we helped elect re-elect the nation’s first African-American president.

But I digress, the real purpose for this blog is to explore why African-American women are so angry. Anger is a disease.   We are so filled with rage and suspicion it is crippling our lives and our families – our men.  We must find positive channels to rid ourselves of this disease.   I know because I have been one of those women for so long, but I am mounting through this blog a campaign for change.   I know there are books  that supposedly support the plight of of black women.  I  met the author of one such book and  she is a VERY angry black woman.   Luckily,  I have the pleasure of having to have been raised by a woman who is free of this disease and I plan to take her lead.