New Growth

When I used to get my hair permed…the need for more chemical would happen after new growth came in. This was in part so the still permed hair would not break. I have found myself now with a lot of growth spurts. There are people who I learned should not have more than a minute presence in my life for various reasons. They were able to do their do for years without consequence but now (as I have natural hair) I am in a period of new growth. The chemical, the editing of one’s life never quite stops.


The Redskins won yesterday.   For a time it looked like RG3 was going it alone as it had more than a free throwaways to keep himself from harms way.  Life is a lot like that sometimes, but there are also the folks who come at you with wishes and demands and ill intent.   It’s important not to let them sideline or outright “sack” you with their demands and criticisms.  Use your inner offense to block them.

Learning to Say No

Enough already, yet another request for free services, there are only so many hours in a day. People push lie and try to steal your hope, job and energy. They assure you they are different. Watch out for these flattering, well dressed poised for poison dart throwing and the love sick life sucking harpy in particular. The harpy should be avoided as often as possible she just perceives you as a rival. The dart thrower requires careful extraction.

Either way say just say no.

Old Habits

Sometimes after one finally let’s go of the issue, the person or the thing that is bothering them. Yes, things such as a worn out car it is still hard to let go of the habits that surround the interaction.  Discussing, information seeking etc.   The process does take some time but it is worth while.  The ego is just gasping for air.  Let it fade.

The New and the Old

Recently I attended a DC event where the elite meet. Usually this host has A listers but it was Project Runway night and raining as well so few were in attendance, mostly it was political reporters, many of whom, did not get the memo- they still believe in their relevancy. Gathering in small circles like clucking hens -,one even bragged with snotty arrogance she didn’t know Ed Sullivan and could care less about the International Trade building- but then her publisher once deemed soon to be outed school score cheat on its cover. Still many were youngish but so amazingly out of touch with the real world. Newspapers with old heads who declare no news is local, prima Donna columnists with a let them eat cake mentality wonder why their revenue dollars are shrinking .. Not one of the elite young journalists I spoke to had seen a recent Buzzfeed on Putin including the aforementioned reporter who didn’t know Sullivan was a foreign policy reporter – for a major magazine? Grabbling to get back on top.. Suggestion .. Go back to the well.. Snobbery does not make good journalism.

Breaking out the self-centered fog

It is tough breaking out of the cycle of selfishness – but for those of us another its hold for decades freedom. The anxiety, the effort, the change that must happen – sometimes a gut renovation. The enemy will be busy as well called well meaning people who sabatoge and openly try to destroy one’s dreams and ambitions..don’t let them. Pray and keep moving forward.