Beware Empty Vessels

I recently went through a house remodel.  I find that even with a new kitchen I am also purging other things out of my life.  Like many women I like pretty things, jewelry, pretty men.  As I’ve grown older I’ve found my taste as changed and I like smart men .  Mostly recently a former whatever as resurfaced to try to steal some of my current joy. A pretty but aging vessel with no soul or willingness to connect to the real world on a real level.  Why I asked him repeatedly?  Why the cruel treatment?  You see I let him in,  and now as through this blog I am purging him once more.  It’s not that he’s so bad, I’ve just been sick and pretty angry  that I let myself fall victim to his sheninagans.  Angry becuase he could have been a better person.  Still I remain hopeful, not that he will change and be better.  Frankly I know once I regain full physical health he will again be a memory and glad because the geniune article full of promise and love is within reach.