When A Soon to Be Ex Thinks You’re An Idiot

We all have situations that didn’t work out – romance, job, hairdresser whatever. The problem is that very often it’s a situation that might have been remedied or tweeked if the person or persons involved didn’t try to play you for bad. Of course in romantic situations, some guys never really get it. They are so puffed up. They think In romance, you simply weren’t feeling the missed texts, calls, no dates, etc. – They thought you were happy to be part of a harem. You were like oh no, no thanks, you go ahead on with your bad self. They may have retorted with “you don’t understand” or “she’s just a friend” figuring they would pay the fine later. There might have been the possibility for friendship but you know when people play you for bad they never thought much of you (or themselves) to begin with. It was nice while it lasted – the best phrase ever!


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