Old Habits

Sometimes after one finally let’s go of the issue, the person or the thing that is bothering them. Yes, things such as a worn out car it is still hard to let go of the habits that surround the interaction.  Discussing, information seeking etc.   The process does take some time but it is worth while.  The ego is just gasping for air.  Let it fade.

Anything But A Welcome

Yesterday, I had the privilege or distinct honor of being reminded that there are some places I really still don’t belong. I went to an international event where the official greeters were anything but welcoming, perhaps stressed but indeed hostile most people upon encountering the woman simply walked by the sign-in table and entered the auditorium for the program. While it was an international affair, she was indeed an angry African-American woman her lack of eye contact but unfortunate communication a true turn-off. I alsod didn’t fare well with another program participant – but as I knew that I had received a spiritual clue – I headed on home.

Accepting Rejection

Rejection. No one likes it. I like many people have spent years avoiding it, negotiating it and ignoring it. I’ve built a career somewhat on not accepting rejection fully. There are all kinds forms and shapes of it. That special someone or some thiing does not want us. We try, we push we force. sometimes not accepting another person’s rejection is a dangerous enterprise. You can end up making them a source for your soul. Take the painful moment. It will subside. Instead of wasting years of your life on something that will turn to dust -let it go now.

You Gotta Know It’s a Blessing

Sometimes rejection is a blessing. We don’t know it and we try and we try to make people respond, like, do things, accept us. This can go on for years before we get a breakthrough. Our power is within us we are loved. The people who don’t want us in their lives are not worth another thought. If you can’t say goodbye in person just say it in your mind. You’ll be free.

Yep – Said So

I was almost horrified at her envious stare. My housekeeper? Come on. She has a good life but there she was as she admonished. How can you even think of being in a business for yourself? Her world is informed by her experiences and she wanted to inform my world as well. Her job is to clean my house, but she seemed intent on destroying my spirit. Not sure she will be invited back.

How Deep

So as a Redskins fan I was shocked, like thousands of other onlookers, that RGIII was allowed to stay in the Skins-Seattle playoff game after the first quarter. Clearly he was hurt. Now he faces painful surgery that may or may not result in him returning next season or even at all. Was it the coach? Was it the owner? Did RG say hey I got this? The answers are complex. Bottom line – there was a time for him to let go for his own safety. We all have times we have to let go to protect ourselves. Some with peculiar agendas would have us hold on to what is not good for us rather than leave it in the past. Winning is not something they are comfortable with for us or for them. They only think in the short-term. Free yourself of the chains that would oppress or make you less than. Strive for long-term gains and long-term goals.