Validation from Empty Jars

A lot of people don’t belong in your space or in your life. Unfortunately you have to do business with them or visit them on holidays but often they are the residue of years of being honed to accept less and think you don’t deserve better.  They are by nature jerks, happiest when they can find a way to put you down or make you feel pain.  One can spend years trying to make these people happy or to try to engage them in activity or beg them to be a part of your life.  Yes, one does this without realizing that their refusal is actually a blessing from God.  Do you really want a childish, underemployed, selfish man who degrades you in public even if he is good looking and  can fix things around the house?   Why are you spending years with a man who said he will never marry or commit.  Make no mistake the choice you are making for the prestige of having a man is  from a position of self-loathing.   Is being so and so’s girl or woman worth the price?  Only to have them leave you weeks, month, years later for someone who does not have your lack of self respect.   There are brothers that are worth it out there, even to date, why go out with a man who doesn’t have a job or have his act together,?

Do better for yourself.  Put the empty jars on the shelf.


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